My Recent Ride with PD & the DMV License Renewal Process – By Michelle Cheeseman

pdactivephotopddmv11202018.jpgIn Outing Yourself to the DMV — OR NOT, Gary Sue Goodman writes: “To guide my interactions with this bureaucracy, I wanted the benefits of other people’s experience. PD Active, I thought, could provide such valuable information (1).” When my CA State driver license was up for renewal this past summer, little did I know I’d end up having several communications with the DMV. I’m sharing with you the journey or ride I had during the license renewal process. May this information be of some value to you as you prepare for your own ride!

The driver license renewal form I received in June included the question: “Have you had any medical conditions in the past three (3) years affecting your ability to drive? See Medical Information on p.1 before responding to the question.” Had “Parkinson’s disease” not been one of the medical conditions listed in Medical Information, my inclination would have been to identify the possible responses to the question and then to consider the advantages and implications of each one. As it was on the list, my propensity to be risk-averse prevailed: I checked the “yes” box and wrote “Parkinson’s disease.” For me, this was the appropriate decision to make.

Report: 2018 Town Hall

fullsizeoutput_5PD Active’s annual Town Hall has become the main event where community members can get an update on what’s new with PD Active. It’s also an opportunity for the staff and board of PD Active to listen and engage in discussions about what is and isn’t working and aspirations the community has for PD Active.

This year’s Town Hall took place on Saturday, June 9th and there were 65 participants. After a report from Board President Mary Pat Boersma and brief remarks by me and Board Member Judith Lubman, all the attendees, seven tables in total, engaged in discussions on topics ranging from improving outreach to serving those with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) who are still working.