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PD Active is a group of people impacted by Parkinson’s disease in the Oakland/Berkeley region. We create and improve programs that support and care for people with Parkinson’s, family and caregivers. We believe that we are our own best advocates, and that acting on our own behalf fosters independence, dignity and respect while preventing isolation and depression, and that we are strongest and most content when we work together.

For information about becoming a member of PD Active, please click on the button below:


People impacted by Parkinson’s disease (PD)

Discovering that we can improve our own quality of life

Advocating on our own behalf

Connecting and building PD communities

Transforming existing programs & services to better serve our needs

Increasing awareness about PD

Voicing our opinions with dignity and tenacity

Energizing each other to stay involved and ACTIVE!

For more information, please call (510) 479-6119 or email us at: info(at)pdactive(dot)org

PD Active, P.O. Box 9246, Berkeley, CA 94709


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