PD Active is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by and for people with Parkinson’s disease living in Berkeley, Oakland, and the East Bay. We provide programs shown to have clinical benefits not covered by Medicare or insurance.  These activities have proven to mitigate symptoms of PD that medication does not help. Exercise is the only thing that has been shown to slow down the progression of PD and, at the same time, improve gait and balance.

Entering our second decade, PD Active enriches the lives of people affected by Parkinson’s in the Bay Area. Our long-term programs continue to thrive: Dance for PD®; Yoga for PD; Tremolos Chorus; Salon; Heart Circle; Support Group for those with PD; Support Group for Care Partners.

New programs to which we are supplying seed funding have expanded: Rock Steady Boxing®; PWR!Moves®; Chair Yoga; Second Support Group. In addition, Forum, featuring knowledgeable speakers on Parkinson’s-related subjects, draws increased attendance and the monthly newsletter is widely circulated.

We have more to do:

  1. We want to assist the recently diagnosed;
  2. Recognize the needs of those still in the workforce; and,
  3. Extend the capacity and reach of our programs to help those with PD avoid isolation.

For more information about PD Active classes and support groups, please click here.

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Contact Info
Phone: (510) 479-6119
Email: info@pdactive.org
Address: PD Active, P.O. Box 9246, Berkeley, CA 94709